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Olympic hangover

So officials fear "normal" visitors will stay away from London all summer? That's certainly going to be the case with me. Normally I would probably make two or three weekend trips to London during July and August to visit my relatives. But, largely thanks to all the Olympic restrictions and general faff, I'm leaving the country from early July to early September. Lots of other people I know are just staying clear of the entire South-east of England for the summer, too. Unless you actually want to see the Games it's not worth the hassle and price gouging.

"Ayatollah Buggeri"

Travel and the euro

Simon Calder completely misses the point of the eurozone single currency. When I travel from one country to another, the euro lets me compare real prices without having to calculate, compare and exchange the different currencies from the lira/franc/drachma/Deutschmark/peseta. Also I am sick of losing time and money enriching rip-off money-changers. Europe was lucky to get the euro solution pre-fiscal integration – which will still take years. Let's be grateful to the visionaries who bent the rules for our benefit.


Greece: open for business

I have just come back from consulting on a restaurant opening at a hotel in the heart of Athens. I had the best time, though it was hard work – Ramsay's kitchen nightmares have nothing on me. The Greek people are just as friendly and wonderful as always.

Christina Bridge

Welcome break?

With regards to your comments about not visiting countries that place bureaucratic boundaries before travellers, are you suggesting people shouldn't visit Britain?

S Shaw