Unspoilt Corfu

We remember many amazing meals at Taverna Agni, with friends we brought and friends we made there. I don't know how Eleni and her team do it but the food is always so delicious, it's difficult to know where to start and terribly hard to stop. Using public transport, we always rode one of the green buses that starts in Corfu Town to a tiny village called Kendroma, then we walked down through village houses and an olive grove.

Phil Ferris

Wonderful to hear about the places along the coast that were special to Durrell, and of course there's lots to be seen inland too. For example, Old Perithia, Corfu's oldest village, is a regular on the "Durrell Week", which takes place every year – and, at 430m above sea level, in an area of natural beauty, you get to see a sea of flora, fauna and numerous insects, plus the odd tortoise, bats, cuckoos and owls. The village is also a World Heritage Site, with 130 houses, surrounded by eight churches, all sitting beneath Mount Pantokrator.

The properties originated in Venetian times and were subsequently reconstructed in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Mark Hendriksen

Eating in Venice

"The restaurants in Venice have an appalling reputation." Perhaps the writer ought to substitute London for Venice – I've always found it difficult to get a good lunch or dinner in London without either spending a fortune or going the sandwich route. Try Tokyo, or any Japanese city, where you have a huge choice for just 1,000 yen (£8).


Luxury camping

Not really "camping" though is it? It's really just an appropriation of an actual experience that rich people do to say they're in touch with nature.


How about a "Back to Basics" camping article, rather than all these ones about "glamping"?


My idea of camping is bringing everything with you and leaving nothing behind. When I go camping, my ideal site in the United Kingdom is a field with a cattle water trough connected to the mains and a farmer willing to make a little on the side. Sure, I use bottled gas, but that is just about it.


It is hardly camping if the accommodation costs you about as much as a hotel.

Michael Corby

Into the mouth of an Icelandic volcano

What a fantastic adventure! Hopefully they will be able to open it up for more people to experience.

Beverly Pipes