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Defending Denmark

You do not consider the cost of the fuel to drive to Denmark and back in your assessment, which is probably more than £200 in a large car, and the costs of overnight stopovers on the way and the Channel Tunnel/ferry costs, plus meals on route. Although the direct ferry's initial cost is higher, the ferry is far cheaper overall and much "greener".


I have enjoyed many holidays in Denmark, usually renting a summer house. It is expensive right now due to the appalling exchange rate.


Missed Spanish flights

Sorry, but Mr Gordon needs to take a lesson in getting to the airport on time. Comments from Simon Calder about signposting in Spain and airlines delaying flights (for which they do have to pay compensation) don't help, but how on earth can Mr Gordon miss his first flight if he just missed a turning? He must have been on a pretty tight schedule to start with (never a good idea for a Ryanair flight – surely everyone knows by now how they treat late-comers?). And to blame the car-rental fuel-return policy for missing a flight is bordering on ridiculous.


The comment about signposting being at best barely adequate in Spain is a rather sweeping slur on a country that's having a hard time. In our own experience of driving in (northern) Spain, we had no problems. If you want somewhere where road directions are non-existent, I recommend Hamilton, Ontario. We recently arrived there on a ferry, then during half an hour of driving, saw no signs at all.

Virginia Knight

Straight-friendly gay hotels

I'm happy to spend my pink euros at a gay-run hotel and support the community, provided the hotel offers excellent accommodation. Rather than "segregation" in a negative sense, it is my wish to avoid a load of heterosexuals with their noisy kids. I'm rather pleased to discover hotels, such as the Axel Hotel in Barcelona, which fit the bill.

Darren Scott

Croatia's coast

Thanks for reminding me, once again, why I need to get my lazy bum on a plane to Croatia asap!

Will King

Into the abyss in Iceland

Beverly Pipes says she hopes the Icelandic volcano (Thrihnukagigur) will be opened up to more people. I hope not. My wife and I recently went on one of the first trips into this natural wonder, and we found that the descent into the abyss was part of the thrill of this unique experience. I hope that an access tunnel is not built.

Sam Boote