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Ski by rail

The next step, which could be really transformative for UK skiers, would be the introduction of a direct sleeper from London to the Alps. The current Eurostar day train is great but the night train isn’t a real sleeper. Reclining seats aren’t the best start to a trip. The London to Paris to Bourg-Saint-Maurice option, with a night train from Paris, is good but many are put off by the interchange in Paris, with baggage. The Lille option is great for Switzerland (with a same-station change), but I’d like to see an equivalent service within France.


Lanzarote for winter

I go every season. Outside the resorts, the place has an incredibly calm feeling and is a great place to relax. It’s increasingly an upmarket island, with interesting things to see and nice cycling. I love it. You can get flights and a cheap place in a resort for under £150. It’s also the only place  I don’t suffer from  allergies, so I feel really healthy there, thanks to the fresh air. 


Flying in Africa

I appreciate your comments on cheap, reliable flights in Africa – but what happens on the ground when you encounter corrupt officials, chaotic transport or merchants travelling with huge amounts of baggage? Not all existing African airlines are bad – South African Airways and Ethiopian do a good job, and LAM Mozambique has (so far) never let me down.

Stephen Mattinson

There is talk of Cape Verde being a hub for Africa and the Americas. Its location in the Atlantic would make it  a perfect spot.

“The Crock”

Ski Lake Tahoe

“After all, with nearly 5,000 acres of skiable terrain spread over four interlinked ‘hubs’, there’s enough on-piste action here to keep you occupied for months.” The author needs to do some thinking before taking a big number at face value: 5,000 acres is only eight square miles. Does he really think you could ski on-piste for months in an area four miles by two?

David Andrews