Tiger tourism – back and burning bright?

With all due respect, India and Nepal's nature reserves are very disappointing. I would not advise you to go to Rajasthan looking for nature – but go instead to see the beautiful palaces and the desert.


Seoul searching

I lived in Seoul for two years. It's an ugly, crowded, concrete jungle, full of identikit tower blocks and eight-lane highways. In addition, the weather in the winter atrocious. Compared with the more cosmopolitan Asian cities, such as Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai, Seoul doesn't score well. I strongly advise against taking a long-haul trip to this functional metropolis. Instead, try Taiwan's capital, Taipei. The food there is excellent, the people friendly and the weather much more amenable than Seoul.

"Englishman in Asia"

A casino in flight?

Does anyone recall the mock-ups of the Superjumbo A380 airliner? It was going to have showers, much more legroom and all sorts of luxuries. Now it's got 580 seats packed in, nose to tail. Luxury gone, legroom gone …


I would love take part in a game of blackjack while on a plane, but plebs such as myself wouldn't be allowed into Business/First Class to get to the table.


Avoiding Christmas

We went to Egypt one winter to get away from Christmas, only to behold someone dressed as Santa as we boarded the cruise. Fortunately, other than the option of turkey on 25 Dec and a chocolate Santa in our cabin, which I gave away to children, it was never mentioned again. It was 85F on Boxing Day.


How air fares are set

I bet that most airline employees can't explain why fares change like they do.

Charles Holley

Would you care to explain the vast differences in UK rail ticket pricing? No, I thought not.

Dennis McMenace