easyJet price promise

I booked for six seats to Faro in December 2012. Two weeks later, I received an email from easyJet advertising their sale. Out of curiosity, I priced my flights and was astounded to find they were £86 cheaper.

I didn't think I would have a chance of a refund but phoned easyJet anyway. They price-checked the flights and said they could only locate flights dearer than I had paid. Fortunately, I had kept a screenshot in the background and advised them of this. They asked me to email my enquiry and copy of the screenshot as proof. I was given a credit note to use the £86 towards other flights providing I booked within six months and made my booking by phone and not online.

Pat Forsyth


Shard and froideur

We were pleased to learn that you were among the first to experience The View from The Shard on our opening day, 1 February. Unfortunately, as you mentioned in your article, some guests did experience a short delay in entering the attraction that afternoon due to a slight technical issue affecting the lifts.

We aim to deliver the highest quality, queue- and crowd-free experience, and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused on this occasion.

Any guest whose visit had been inconvenienced by the delay that afternoon has been offered the chance to visit again free of charge.

Anders Nyberg, CEO, The View from The Shard

I found the cost to visit the Shard a shock, so won't visit. Just short of £100 for a family of four.

Tracey Franklin


Road trip around Iceland

Having made almost the same trip in June with full daylight and good weather, it was thrilling to read of your adventures. I'm too much of a wimp to do what you did, but I'm envious of your intrepid nature.



How to cope with the pathetic pound

If you choose a warm and visually vibrant destination, why not avoid restaurants altogether and have picnic meals instead? I took a couple of weeks in Paris and Montpellier last summer and only used a restaurant on the first day. Total food/drink costs €20 per day, including morning and evening café visits.

Walter Morgan


How to claim for a delayed flight

There needs to be a clear and verifiable way in which the public can check up on airlines and see if their excuse is the real excuse. How do we know if "air traffic problems" is the real cause of a delay? Why isn't there a way of going online, putting in your flight number/date and checking exactly why the flight was delayed, by an independent website such as Air Traffic Control, the Civil Aviation Authority in conjunction with airport operators? This should be public information and readily available.


If you are claiming for a delayed flight long ago, and the airline demands proof you were on board, bear in mind that if you fly to the US, Homeland Security keeps a record of every arriving passenger's details which includes full information about flights and are available under disclosure rules free of charge.

"Fool Britannia"


Wunderbars of Düsseldorf

My wife and I went shopping down the "Ko" some years ago. Despite being dressed up to the nines we looked like tramps compared to some of the local Schikeria. It's possibly the most expensive shopping street ever.