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Travelling across Nebraska

Your claim that the state of Nebraska is best traversed overnight triggered a memory for me. In the Sixties, I was one of many students who worked and travelled in the US. Once, I spent a day in Chicago then headed off west overnight and arrived in Omaha, Nebraska, for breakfast. The slow pace of life was clear and, as I took the bus westbound and sat looking at miles of fields and cattle the boredom drove me to sleep. I was woken by an animated Australian, who was thrilled to see such high-quality farming land and healthy cattle. That gave me a new perspective; instead of being bored with a flat landscape I began to see the area from the viewpoint of the people who live and work there. What started off as a drab journey became an insight into America.

David Lamb

All at sea in German

Europa 2 is a magnificent ship but it remains very much a German experience. Marketing material and documents may be "available" in English, but most passengers receive them in German. You suggest otherwise.

John Honeywell, @CaptGreybeard

Profiling passengers

There's no need for families on charter flights to clog up airport security. The charter company should ensure they carry back only the passengers they took out ... then a few random security checks should be enough


Seeing young children and OAPs frisked is an appalling infringement of our principles of "innocent until proven guilty"

Frank Poster

If you're a white female in a Laura Ashley dress you won't ever be stopped.


The best way to reduce the terrorist threat is to stop intervening in other countries' affairs.

Alex Cheshire

Luggage limits

Thomson has free hand-luggage of 5kg. Any more and you pay £48 return for up to 20kg of hold baggage.

Chris McGaughey