London airports row

Much as I loathe Michael O'Leary and have refused to use his lousy airline for 15 years, on this one he is actually right: build three new runways. A new green-field airport is never going to happen, so let's make the existing ones fit for purpose.

Steve Hill

The tussle between the airports as they fight for the right to lay more concrete and land more planes shouldn't be happening at all. If we're serious about meeting our carbon emissions reduction targets then building these new runways isn't an option.

Keith Taylor, Green MEP for SE England

Heathrow is the biggest anachronism in aviation. The world's busiest international hub airport with massive latent demand, yet located far too close to one of the world's most important and influential cities.


The UK's best beaches

I'd give my vote to Benone Strand (Co Derry): a long, golden crescent with Mussenden Temple standing sentry to the east, Magilligan Point to the west and Donegal over the bay.


When I was a child, and lived abroad in hot climates, I loved visiting my grandparents at their house on the beach at Fairlie in Ayrshire. But today the beach and views have been ruined by some ghastly oil thing built just offshore. More recently, I love the beaches around Padstow in the winter when the sea is rough.


Tentsmuir, opposite St Andrews, for me. Long beach, white sand and forest as well.

“Hector's mum”

Kefalonian cuisine

I'd not advise Fiscardo, unless you are willing to pay a lot. You can find many other places on the island with much better food at one-third of the price. If you want meat, try Zervati in Karavomylos (near Sami). There are some really nice tavernas on the beachside in Sami too. And, for an evening drink before sunset, go over to Lassi where you can watch as the sun descends into the ocean.

Jason Blake