Fictitious restaurant fools TripAdvisor

The moral of the story is: only read the negative reviews. If they are fake, the resort or venue will take action to have them removed from TripAdvisor. But if a positive review is faked, no-one (other than a bored or conscientious journalist) will check it.

"Smart mind"

Learning a language

I teach native Spanish six- and seven-year-olds in English at an "immersion" school near Valencia. As [linguist] David Crystal says: "It's normal for human beings to be bilingual .... three quarters of the human race grows up speaking two or more languages."

Jeremy Dean

For my trip to Krakow next week, I've learnt from my phrase book the Polish terms for one to 10, a sandwich, lunch, a beer, the bill, "thank you" and "goodnight".

Harry Hart

easyJet flight delayed by 86 years

At least easyJet tells you there's a problem. My recent KLM flight (Amsterdam to Madrid) was delayed so badly that I lost a whole day. I received not a peep by email, SMS or via my mobile. Just a pointless apology after the event.

Jerry in Madrid

Hot ticket

"Dubai now second most popular destination from Heathrow, after New York JFK." Dubai in summer? Crazy. Enjoy after September.

Robert Turnbull

Back to Kosovo?

I'm a bit sceptical about any claim that life in Kosovo has suddenly become normal there after many years of conflict. If it's so stable and peaceful, why are there still around 5,000 foreign soldiers in a small area 13 years after the Nato invasion?


Mud and magic in Turkey

Great article. Your passion for the country really comes through. I used to live near Dalyan in a small village across the river behind Kaunos. The country is pure magic and the Turks are an exceptional people.

Ken Curtis