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Follow the Partridge pilgrimage to Norwich

Most of historic Norwich has been demolished by the city council and the town planners. I should know, I have watched it happen over 80 years. We lost much in the Blitz of 1942, but the city fathers have more than equalled this.

Albert Cooper

Nice article. As someone who lives in Norwich, this makes the city seem far more interesting – must get out more!


Traveller's Guide to the Loire Valley

Saumur is a great place to explore the most eclectic mix of wines in the world.

Danny Kibbey

Henrietta Thompson on tourist tat

Great article, down with tourist tat! Great souvenirs are out there but they are hard to find. I love to travel and shop, and have uncovered some amazing things.

"Souvenir Finder"

Six-hour delay on Penzance to Paddington train

I often use First Great Western when on holiday in Devon. I'm surprised half the trains are even in service, especially those on the local lines. I must admit they are cheaper than some others, but the trains they put on the London line are so old. To think First Group were going to have the West Coast main line ... Thank goodness that got scrapped and Virgin have still got it.


I use First Great Western about 15 times a month and find they generally work very well, which is more than I can say for East Coast. I was stuck on one of its trains last month for four hours near Durham, and unlike the FGW trains, not even a window could be opened to allow a flow of air through. The train itself was filthy, not just general passenger detritus, but on the seats. Same on the return journey the following day.


Celebrating Britain's national parks

Don't forget Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park of Scotland. It is home to top lochs, iconic wildlife and flora, Munro heaven, national cycle route 7, a section of the Rob Roy Way, great events, outdoor activities, history, folklore, award-winning restaurants, varied accommodation and welcoming communities.

Kim Proven