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48 hours in Valletta

In your 48 hours guide to Valletta, you mention the Maltese Information Office in the Auberge d'Italie for help. Please don't bother. We went there hoping for assistance when we visited in March. Not only were we ignored while the two staff chatted, we were then dismissed with a generic map we already had. Research Valletta yourselves!

Rebecca Rowley-Smith

Mid-century mirage in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is great and well worth a visit. It is sleepy and there isn't much going on, but it has charm and the architecture is wonderful.


Walk of the month: Outer Hebrides

In the late 1980s, Rhenigidale had a single phone. The line was powered by batteries, with a notice giving strict instructions to keep calls short to avoid running the batteries down. Wonderfully remote.


48 hours in Copenhagen

"Almost at the easternmost point of Denmark"? Copenhagen is around 100 miles to the west of the easternmost point of Denmark (the Baltic archipelago of Ertholmene). Perhaps the author considers Leicester to be "almost at the easternmost point" of the UK?

Mark Hornsby

Center Parcs comes to Woburn Forest

Nowhere near as good as Forest Holidays, which is way less commercial – just simple luxury cabins with hot tubs in the woods.


Excursion advice for Med cruises

We have also cruised extensively in the Mediterranean and agree that the excursions can add quite a lot to the cost of the holiday. We have taken to doing it ourselves wherever possible and have created a website to help other cruisers know how to visit the main attractions at Mediterranean ports.

Andrew Greenyer, Mediterranean-