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Slice of the city: Algiers

I visited Algiers and found it a very strange place. Horribly expensive hotels and absolutely nothing to do in the evening (though I see from your article that the local authorities are trying to address the situation) and huge numbers of police with guns milling about at seemingly random checkpoints. Not that they were at all threatening to me, but they did seem to be overly worried for my wellbeing. I'd agree the place shows a lot of promise, but it wasn't quite as idyllic as you pointed out. I'll give it five years and then return to see how things have changed.


It's good to read that Algiers is on the way, at least, to becoming more welcoming.

Walter Morgan

A snapshot of Rhodes

Very nice story. Interesting and moving. Great to see the two photos of the same family all those years apart.


Kayaking the Ria Formosa

I also went to Ria Formosa with Ana, who was incredibly knowledgable. I was lucky enough to see flamingos at sunset, too. If you're in the area, it's worth a stop at John's House for some of the best fish in the Algarve.


My life in travel: Ashley Jensen

I couldn't agree more about taking a travel kettle. If we are touring in the car I pack a portable gas stove and a camping kettle. When we feel like a break, we stop at a location with a lovely view and brew up. What brought about this parsimony? Ridiculous prices. Glad to see Ashley still has her feet firmly on the ground.

Joseph Kelsall

Great British trails

Nice piece, but you've missed out the daddy of all trails – the 84-mile long Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail, which runs from Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway! It has it all: wilderness, beautiful countryside, coastline and urban areas, as well as Roman history.


Guide to Galicia

Excellent article. Can I also add that the Rio Sil canyon should be on everybody's agenda. And, while seafood and fish is so often spoken about in Galicia, there are also many excellent parilladas with freshly barbecued meats and huge succulent T-bone steaks. One must not forget the town of Betanzos too, 20km from La Coruña, which serves the best tortillas in the whole of Spain.

David Mendez