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Tourism in Kenya after the massacre

"If foreigners steer clear of Kenya, the terrorists claim another victory." I doubt many people are going to put themselves in the way of extreme danger when booking a holiday just to show the terrorists they have "haven't won".


Of course visitors will now stay away from Kenya. It is now clear that they have private armies on their soil who are bent on massacring people who do not share their beliefs.

Paul Thorgan

My husband works in Nairobi, and both me and my daughter are joining him in December. We will participate as fully as we can in Kenyan society, and are also having a trip to the Maasai Mara. We won't let this toxic ideology win.

Fiona Potts

Cruising the Yangtze

I did it back in 1997 before the dam was built. From Chongqing to Shanghai, it's awesome. Even down to the little knocks on the cabin door at 3am notifying us that we were about to pass through "gorge number three". Good memories.


Car-free Los Angeles

I was told by anyone who knew LA that I would need a car. Well, we didn't, and we were fine. We stayed in Santa Monica and visited Hollywood, the Getty Center and Disneyland. The buses were clean, safe and air-conditioned and we had many interesting conversations with fellow passengers.