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US shutdown hits holidaymakers

What a petty piece of vindictiveness. A friend of mine, now retired though she worked hard and tirelessly in her career as a nurse, is going to the US this week to achieve the dream of a lifetime: visiting Yosemite. I daresay the Tea Party bigots will be very pleased that they spoiled her holiday.

Inga Morgan

I'm so glad I visited Yellowstone and Grand Teton back in August. It was possibly a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I'd be devastated if it was ruined in such a way as is happening to so many people. For a group of people to hold a country to ransom because they don't believe in fair and affordable healthcare is shocking. "BigJC"

Tweet alarms easyJet departure gate staff

EasyJet's arrogance is clear. Who do they think they are to breach human rights and act in a threatening manner and potentially exclude a passenger based on Twitter comments?

Damon Doyle

I feel sorry for ground staff when delays occur. They have to make split-second decisions and can't fudge.

Tom Hall

Bodrum goes upmarket

This article only scratches the surface of what is on offer. To the north, Altinkum and Akbuk have wonderful sandy beaches. Between Altinkum and Bodrum there is a secluded bay with fish restaurants where you can eat on rafts in the middle of the sea! Then there are the ancient sites of Apollo's Temple at Didim, Militos and Priene which are on the way to Ephesus and the mountain-top wine making village of Sirince.To the south, lies Dalyan with its cliff tombs and turtle beach, and luxurious Gocek.

Mike Dunkerley

Over the past few years I've taken an early summer trip to Kos. After eyeing Bodrum on the horizon, I finally popped across on the ferry. It was a rather soulless place, I felt. I had this overwhelming sense of relief the minute I set foot back on the Kos quayside.

Walter Morgan