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Ryanair gets cuddly: airline eases bag curbs and charges

By the time you've added on all the extras, you may as well take a scheduled flight and get decent customer service. Aer Lingus all the way for flying to Ireland – and the cheapest scheduled flight to anywhere else. I wouldn't touch either Ryanair or easyJet with a barge pole.


No way near enough to tempt me back. Service is poor, customer care is poor and the hidden extras are a joke.


The first rule of Ryanair is: “Don't ever check in luggage with Ryanair.” You want to check in a bag: choose another airline. It is great value but Ryanair, and Michael O'Leary in particular, have done more to damage the Irish reputation for hospitality than any other company.


They have also made a massively profitable company and given cheap air travel to millions, so they aren't all that bad.

Tommy Atkins

I use them about eight times a year. Price-wise no one else touches them. I find the cabin crews no different to any other airline. The airport staff had a period when they took on the persona of their chief executive, but even that has changed, except when they suddenly decide to check all hand luggage for size. If you take your time, their website is user-friendly, even the daft add-ons are easily recognised.


O'Leary's passengers will put up with anything if they think they're getting something cheap. To quote John Ruskin: “There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only, is that man's lawful prey”.


Bookings have been on a permanent upward curve, making them easily Europe's biggest airline. For all the usual outcry, vast numbers choose to travel with them. That said, there is evidence easyJet is beginning to capture market share. I suspect this latest move is a reaction to that.


Too little too late. You can't treat people like cattle for years then get them back by allowing a second cabin bag.

Rick Methven