Lap it up: Lima looking out across the Pacific / AP


Palaces and piscos in Peru's capital

Much of Lima is a grey urban sprawl. During summer, the city is blanketed with low-lying, yellowish clouds which lend a melancholy air. The city centre is remarkably dilapidated, the action having long since moved to San Isidro and Miraflores. Food is the real delight of a visit to Lima – those with a few soles cannot miss Gaston Acurio's Astrid y Gaston, a superb restaurant which pioneered cocina novoandina. Dishes such as causa limeña (layered potatoes) and ox-heart anticuchos (skewers) with aji amarillo (chilli) sauce are not to be missed.


The really good restaurants are in Miraflores. Visit a restaurant near the water to enjoy fresh seafood dishes such as ceviche and jalea (fried seafood).


Northern Lights

Cheaper in Canada, even when flights are included. Take a sheet of plastic to lie on and borrow a blanket to insulate you. Always better when viewed lying on the ground. Check how to take low-light pictures before you leave. Take a tripod and something to wrap your camera in to keep it warm. Don't forget extra batteries and memory sticks!


The Sun is unusually quiet at the moment; this is the weakest maximum for more than a century.


Tour de Yorks

Simon has got the Rochdale bit mixed up. The route touches on Rochdale at the top of the Cragg Vale climb.

Martin Hellewell

Ryanair brings in frills

I am happy to see that the Debonair concept and philosophy, "Comfort is not a class privilege," is beginning to be understood, even by the fiercest critics back then. It took 15 years but finally the "no-frills" airlines are seeing the light.

Franco Mancassola, former CEO, Debonair