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Skiing in Utah

Spot-on piece. I was in Salt Lake City last year (my family live in the US). I stayed in Ogden on the way to Idaho on a trip with my mother. I was going to go skiing at well-advertised Snowbasin. The motel staff really insisted "Powder Mountain" – how right they were. Amazing, friendly, loads of intermediate skiing (countless for advanced and expert too), and even green runs through trees.

Alan Moroney

Traveller's Guide to Lanzarote

Nice to see an accurate review of our beautiful island. And, if I may make a dining suggestion, the modest Balcon de Femes overlooking Playa Blanca is about as authentic a Spanish restaurant as you will ever find. Cheap, cheerful, a little worn at the edges, but possibly the best food in the Canary Islands.

Darren Parkin

Art in Hobart

I have been to Mona [the art museum in Tasmania's capital] and found the architecture of the hollowed-out cliff better than the exhibits. Fantastic stuff.


48 Hours in Birmingham

Even in its darkest days, Birmingham was a dynamic place with more potential than any other city. Now it has found itself again it will take its rightful place as one of the world's great metropolises.

Rumwold Leigh

Glad to see Yorks Bakery Cafe and Craven Arms recommended – two of my favourite places in Birmingham.

Dave Hopkins