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Having just returned from a few days in France we were getting a rate of €1.16 to the pound when Simon Calder was getting 1.13 or 1.14 for cash in London. This was by using our Nationwide cashpoint card in ATMs. There are no hidden charges with these transactions. Also, there can be no risk of "credit card fraud" by using cash point machines, and it cuts out the risk of carrying large amounts of cash around the continent. The Nationwide rate always beats the rate offered by main high street banks.

"John the Don"

Tax increase blamed for Ryanair cuts

Good for Ryanair! Air Passenger Duty is already an iniquitous tax, and doubling it is just ridiculous.

Thomas Goodey

Difficult to see who is getting the blame here, the passenger or the grasping Treasury. Certainly can't be the airlines' fault. Can it?


Where to watch whales

Did I miss something? Whale watching in San Ignacio lagoon [Baja California, Mexico] is the only place I know where you can reasonably expect to touch a whale – where the mother whales bring their baby whales close to the boats.

Gordon Parnell

Dolomite triumph?

Trieste airport may be correct for the far north-east Italian area of Friuli and Carnia, but it is not the main airport for the Dolomites (maybe you're inadvertently advertising for Ryanair?). Venice, Verona and Bergamo are much more convenient. And Madonna di Campiglio is a good base for the Brenta Dolomites, but quite close to Bergamo and a long way from Trieste.

John Smith

Second contact

San Juan – founded 1521 – cannot be the second oldest European settlement in the Americas (after Santo Domingo) because Baracoa was founded in 1511 by the conquistadores as the first capital of Cuba.

Claire Boobbyer

Best of Denmark

You mentioned the Nimb in Copenhagen for eating. I'd also recommend staying at the Nimb. It may be the best small hotel in Scandinavia.


Air deaths rise

On average, 20 people a week have died in air transport accidents worldwide in recent months. But there are nearly three times as many road deaths each week in the UK alone. Keep a sense of perspective and realise that much-publicised accidents are newsworthy because they are so rare.

Colin Carr

Britain's great outdoors

This article was wonderful, especially as many of us are staying in the UK this summer. Living in the Cotswolds, may I add two beautiful not-to-be-missed places to visit?

The White Horse, carved on the side of the hill in Uffington is a sight to behold – and the place where George was rumoured to have slayed the Dragon.

Also, the Cotswold Wildlife Park [cotswoldwildlifepark.] is a unique must-see for getting close to nature. The animals are set in wide-open natural enclosures, including rhinos and zebras together, and the curious lemurs who roam free and come up to investigate you while you're walking around investigating them!

Kathy Ford