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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires Following our return from a recent ski holiday in La Thuile with Neilson, we were so fed up with an excursion arranged by Neilson to a neighbouring resort which had resulted in four hours on a coach and involved the police being called out to divert our double-decker that could not get under a road bridge, that we decided to post our CSQ direct to Neilson with an account of the experience.

Neilson rang us and have now refunded the amount spent on the excursion – a satisfactory result. Incidentally, we gave no information about our mobile phone contract, house insurance or make of underpants but despite this lack of info, the CSQ was read and acted upon – good for Neilson.

Richard Prowse

After completing the tatty paper CSQ in the room at the Holiday Inn Express in Cambridge (which was, incidentally, "Good" but not "Excellent") and not receiving an apology for the 10 minutes it took to check-in, I was offered another opportunity by e-mail.

I replied suggesting they provide me with a free night and then I might be more motivated. They have not replied.

Martin Haworth, Gloucester

We are all encouraged to give complete strangers too much information about ourselves. Every time you are asked for information about yourself think about it and if the information serves no useful purpose to you, do not provide it, and say why you refuse – ie it is intrusive.


More on airport security

Just read your article about Stansted and Luton. Living "Oop North" I am fortunate enough to avoid those understaffed palaces of delight. The Manchester airport authorities have gripped the problem and, when we went out a week last Sunday, there were about 16 security paths to go through and a large number of staff. It still takes time to get through, but it's getting better. One thing that would help is the handing out of a robust bag as passengers approach the point for them to start putting watches, coins, mobiles etc in as they move forward.

Andrew Perry

With a 10.55am easyJet flight from Luton to Montpellier, I was intending to take the 9am train to Luton Parkway from Kentish Town arriving at the airport circa 9.45. Following your article I will now take an much earlier train which also requires a change at St Albans. At least I have a regulation plastic bag which I was required to buy when I last passed through Luton.

Sandra Hunt

Britain by B-road

Please don't clog up our rural roads. Let the fools stay on the motorway if they can't figure it out for themselves.