Open Jaw : 'You should visit Ribe and Skagen, and the places in between'

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Denmark without a (rental) car

Your point about not getting to Skagen, Ribe and Billund because they weren't on the national rail network and so "hard to reach" was a bit pathetic and will put similarly weak-willed people off trying to go there.

Skagen is on the rail network, with a local train connection from Frederikshavn. It's the same local train network as would have taken you from Hirtshals to connect to the national rail network at Hjorring. Skagen may not show on DSB's route map, but I'd be very surprised if you didn't know about, Denmark's equivalent of Transport Direct, which would have given you a selection of ways to get to all of your intended destinations.

You really should make the effort to go and visit Skagen and Ribe, but don't miss the many beautiful places between them. Denmark may be a small country, but that may make it easier for you to overlook the many hidden gems.

Tom Birch, London

Next time, take a break to Esbjerg; Ribe is 35 minutes by train to the south.

Terry Walsh, Bury St Edmunds

Christina Patterson in Mallorca

I stayed in C'an Picassa last year. The house and the views are as wonderful as Christina Patterson says. I've also climbed the Calvari steps in Pollença (once) and eaten many times at the Il Giardino restaurant. As one of many readers who discovered Robert Graves through his war memoir, Good-bye to All That, I've visited Deià many times. But, unlike Christina, I've never been able to find his grave in the crowded little church cemetery.

Mallorca is a beautiful, green island. I'll be returning there next month. Maybe I'll find Graves' grave this time.


Overbooking offers

I once received a similar offer [to give up a confirmed plane seat in return for cash] from British Airways on a flight from Heathrow to Athens. But having made me wait three hours in the departure lounge with all my luggage, they then decided that I could travel after all and gave me the very generous gift of a plastic pen for all my inconvenience. Ever since, I have avoided travelling with British Airways if at all possible.


Mosel morsels

Andrew Eames writes that flammkuchen "is the local equivalent of pizza, a thin crust covered in sour cream and bacon bits". Flammkuchen would be local in Alsace, particularly northern Alsace.