Plans for third Heathrow runway 'threaten existence of a Surrey village'


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Heathrow bosses are reportedly planning a new runway that threatens the existence of a Surrey village.

According to the Evening Standard, a new runway in the Stanwell Moor area is one of two or three options that will be submitted to the Davies Commission into Heathrow’s expansion.

The area surrounding the village, which is located to the south west of the airport, is apparently now the favoured spot for a proposed third runway after Heathrow bosses scrapped plans to build a new runway to the north following strong opposition from Londoners and environmentalists.

The plans reportedly mean that anything from just a few properties to almost the entire Stanwell Moor village could be pulled down to make room for the runway, with generous compensation packages for locals.

Stanwell Moor apparently became the favoured site after Heathrow chiefs narrowed down 50 expansion options, including a new four-runway “superhub” airport close to Slough or 15 minutes from Oxford.

Aviation experts say the Stanwell Moor proposal shows that Heathrow is seeking to minimise the noise impact of a bigger airport, seen as the main obstacle to its expansion.

John Stewart, the chairman of anti-Heathrow expansion group HACAN, said: “This is an attempt to reduce the impact for residents but our concern remains over the huge overall increase in numbers of planes over London a third runway would bring.”

The proposal effectively meant the plan for a northern third runway had “no chance of seeing the light of day,” he added.

Daniel Moylan, the Mayor’s chief aviation adviser, said: “Even to discuss this is to add a new blight to the lives of thousands of Londoners. It is further proof Heathrow expansion is environmentally and politically impossible.”