Hotel review site TripAdvisor has selected its pick of gay and lesbian friendly hotels, proving that a warm welcome for gay travelers is never far away in Europe.

The list includes properties from all over the continent to cater for every traveler - from the creative, arty Hotel Deutsche Eiche in Munich to the Los Almendros apartment complex on Gran Canaria, which is exclusively designed for gay and lesbian travelers.

The list of gay and lesbian-friendly establishment was compiled by TripAdvisor editors and then ranked using guest ratings for each property.

TripAdvisor's Picks - European Gay and Lesbian-Friendly Hotels

1. Colson House, Brighton, England
2. Hotel Sejour Beaubourg, Paris, France
3. Hotel Axel, Barcelona, Spain
4. Hotel Ca' Dogaressa, Venice, Italy
5. Clarion Hotel Prague Old Town, Prague
6. Ty Rosa, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
7. Hotel Deutsche Eiche, Munich, Germany
8. The Golden Bear, Amsterdam, Netherlands
9. Los Almendros, Playa des Ingles, Gran Canaria (Spanish Canary Islands)
10. Hotel Sachsenhof, Berlin, Germany

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