One of Scotland’s best-known and most popular mountains has been declared “wheelchair friendly” / Alamy


One of Scotland's best-known and most popular mountains has been declared "wheelchair friendly".

Schiehallion in Perthshire, which at 3,547ft is a Munro – a peak above 3,000ft – has been approved by the FieldFare Trust, which promotes countryside access for disabled people.

The trust has listed Schiehallion on a section of its website called Photo Trails, and rates the path to the summit of East Schiehallion from the Braes of Foss car park as suitable for those with wheelchairs for the first third. It adds that it would be up to individuals to assess if they can manage to ascend the path up the higher two-thirds to the summit.

Schiehallion thus becomes the first wheelchair-friendly Munro, a distinction which was welcomed by Andrew Johnson, the FieldFare Trust director. "It's a positive move because it means that even the most rugged landscapes can provide some accessibility for people of all abilities," he said. Schiehallion is famous for its almost perfectly conical form.