'Sewage pipe' hotel opens for another summer

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If you're looking for a different kind of hotel stay this summer, how about a night in a sewage pipe?

That's the prospect offered by Parkhotels, which has converted sections of drain pipes into two "hospitality tools" (hotels) in the German town of Bottrop-Ebel and the Austrian town of Ottensheim, and it's actually more appealing than it sounds.

The hotels, which opened for business again this month, are both located in public parks - and what they lack in comfort, they make up for in simplicity.

A comfortable double bed has been constructed across the lower part of each cylinder, with a decorated wall on one end and a code-locked door on the other.

Guests simply crawl into their tube and swing the door closed, and although the cramped space means there is no space for an en-suite, each "room" does offer a lamp, power outlet, and spare blankets and sheets in case the park gets a little chilly.

To alleviate the claustrophobia of sleeping in a tube, a small window has been bored into each pipe.

The best part is perhaps the fact that a night at the concept hotel, created by Austrian artist Andreas Strauss, doesn't even have a fixed price - guests are invited to pay what they can afford to support the project.

The hotel is open from May through October and reservation requests can be made online.

All that remains, then, is to make sure your tube doesn't roll down the hill during the night!