Shanghai has topped a list of the "sexiest" cities in China, with respondents saying that the World Expo host city was more than twice as sexy as its nearest competitor Hong Kong.

In a survey featured on the website of Hong Kong-based Phoenix television, 17.3 percent of respondents from 30 Chinese cities said that Shanghai, with a renovated Bund, gleaming Expo infrastructure and stunning skyline, was the sexiest destination in the country.

Hong Kong's international vibe and celebrity appeal earned it a second-place finish with 8.4 percent of the votes, while Chongqing's beautiful girls, good food and mountain scenery saw it placed in third place with 4.7 percent of votes.

China's capital city, Beijing, was ranked fourth, with respondents praising its variety, its rich history, the legacy of the 2008 Olympic Games and the spirit of its residents.

Rapidly growing Chinese holiday destination Sanya was ranked eighth and the country's gambling haven Macau came in tenth place.

China's Sexiest Cities

1. Shanghai 17.3%
2. Hong Kong 8.4%
3. Chongqing 4.7%
4. Beijing  4.6%
5. Guangzhou 4.6%
6. Shenzhen 3.1%
7. Hangzhou 2.6%
8. Sanya 2.4%
9. Dalian 1.8%
10. Macau 1.6%

Survey conducted by Horizon Research Consultancy Group, English translation from Jing Daily.