Destination of the week: Bangkok, for breakfast

The highest al fresco restaurant in Asia is Vertigo, on the 62nd floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok. Throughout December and January you can have a sunrise champagne breakfast, for 900 baht (£13), including tax and service charges. If this appeals, book in advance on 00 66 2 679 1200 - and arrive early: breakfast is served between 6.30am and 9am, but earlier risers will benefit from clearer air across the Thai capital, as well as gentler sun.

Warning of the week: Middle East and North Africa

The US Department of State this week issued a warning to travellers about "security concerns in the region in light of recent events".

The official advice says that "the sentencing and appeals process of Saddam Hussein, the violence in Iraq, and the clashes between Palestinians and Israelis have the potential to produce demonstrations and unrest throughout the region". The most likely threats are "bombings, hijackings, hostage-taking, kidnappings and assassinations. While conventional weapons such as explosive devices are a more immediate threat in many areas, use of non-conventional weapons, including chemical or biological agents must be considered a possible threat."

Bargain of the week: Dover-Calais

The companies competing on short-sea crossings to France are learning quickly from no-frills airlines about pricing structures. P&O Ferries is currently seeking bookings for next year, with the enticement of very low fares for those prepared to book well in advance.

For example, weekend departures at reasonable hours in late-July 2007 for a car plus two people cost as little as £72 return, if you book on