Warning of the week: check your passport expiry date now

On 5 October the price of a standard British passport rises from £51 to £66. If your application is in before then, you qualify for the lower rate. Anyone whose passport runs out within the next nine months gets "full value" for early re-application: if your passport is due to expire before 4 July next year, apply now and the new passport should be valid for 10 years plus whatever time remains on your existing one. Even if your passport is due to expire some time in the next 18 months, it could be financially worthwhile to renew at the lower rate.

Destination of the week: meat-free around the world

Rose Elliot, author of Veggie Chic (Hamlyn, £16.99) has revealed her favourite destination for vegetarian travellers. "South India - Goa in particular. Most of the population are vegetarian, which makes it very unusual and exciting. For a pound you can get a wonderful spread, with fantastic curries and masala dhosa - crispy pancakes filled with potato curry." And the worst? "France, because they will slip bits of meat and fish, and stock, into what would otherwise be delicious vegetable dishes. They just don't get vegetarianism."