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Destination of the week: the world

Pick any two of Africa, Australia and South America, and combine them with Asia or North America – that's the deal with the British Airways/ Qantas Global Explorer ticket which goes on sale today for three weeks. Through discount agents, the six-stop globe-girdling fare is likely to cost around £750, including the new £2.50 per flight security supplement that BA introduced yesterday. For the lowest fares, travel next April, May or June. For trips starting 16 January to the end of March, prices rise £100.

You can pick almost any stops on the BA/Qantas network in Asia, Africa or the Americas. You could travel London-Cape Town-Johannesburg-Sydney-Auckland-Fiji-Los Angeles-New York and back, or London-Tokyo-Sydney-Melbourne-Christchurch-Auckland-Buenos Aires. "Surface sectors" are allowed, so you can travel overland from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur, or from Buenos Aires to Rio, and pick up a continuing flight.

You could even use the ticket to visit Korea or Japan for next year's World Cup (see pages 2 and 3).

Bargain of the week: Milan for £99

Book by the end of November, and you can fly on BMI from Heathrow to Milan Linate and enjoy a three-star hotel for a night, with breakfast. This deal is selling very fast on www., but yesterday some places were still available. Brussels, Amsterdam or Paris are also £99.

Alternatively, you can visit Milan from Heathrow for a day for £128, on a Saturday-only deal from Alitalia (0870 544 8259). Taking the first flight out and the last one back gives you a full 12 hours in Italy's second city.

Warning of the week: another one bites the dust

Late yesterday the Canadian airline, Canada 3000, shut down. Its flights from Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow were favourites among budget travellers. The carrier says it "regrets to advise that it will cease flying operation effective 9 November 2001. We are therefore unable to transport passengers to their destinations, and recommend they seek alternative methods of travel."