"Passionate about porridge? Craving a personal tour through Trainspotting country? Or just desperately seeking the coolest dinner table in town?" A new venture from one of Scotland's leading travel writers promises bespoke travel advice for visitors to Edinburgh.

Rhiannon Batten, a regular contributor to The Independent, has turned insider advice into a business: "In terms of cool bars, shops and other stuff to do, most of the guidebooks were way out of date, or too focused on tartan and shortbread." Instead, Batten provides personalised itineraries with three alternatives for places to eat (right), drink, sleep and things to do, for a flat rate of £15. Also on offer, at £15 per person for two hours, is a personalised "hire a local" tour of Scotland's capital. One curiosity is the name chosen for the service's website: www.furcoatnaeknickers.com. "It's not porn, I promise", Batten says.

Warning of the week: Peru

The Foreign Office has stepped up its warning to the most popular South American country for British visitors: "There were two reports of the rape of foreign tourists in Cusco in June", says the FO. In addition, it warns of "a significant increase in the number of reported robberies associated with rogue taxis in the past few months".

The South American Explorers' Club says that "presidential elections will be held on December 4; be aware that protests or disturbances may occur in the weeks leading up to it."