Destination of the week: Europe, from Kent

Destination of the week: Europe, from Kent

Scheduled flights from Manston airport near Ramsgate are due to begin at 6.15am on 1 September, when flight EUJ 291 takes off, destination Dublin. A new Irish no-frills airline, EUjet (0870 414 1414;, is launching the services.

In an ambitious expansion programme, EUjet plans rapidly to roll out services to another 20 destinations. A fleet of seven Fokker 100 jets will serve Edinburgh, Glasgow and Manchester, plus European cities such as Nice, Prague and Milan. As usual, cheap introductory fares are on offer. Manston to Dublin costs £38 return.

Bargain of the week: Morocco moon in June?

Scheduled air fares from London to Casablanca and Marrakesh are usually well over £200. But if you can book three weeks ahead, and travel out and back by the end of June, you will pay £199 return for a BA flight from Gatwick, operated by GB Airways.

The time constraints mean you have a window of 19-30 June in which to travel, but you could fly south in the autumn at the same fare; it also applies for travel between 29 August and 3 November..

Contact British Airways on 0870 850 9850 or visit; a surcharge applies for telephone sales.

Warning of the week: Paris CDG

Terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, part of which collapsed on Sunday with the loss of four lives, is closed indefinitely.

This does not directly affect Air France flights from the UK, which use Terminal 2F. But slight delays may ensue because services which previously used 2E have had to be redistributed around the unaffected parts of Terminal 2.

Air France passengers are advised to call the airline on 0845 0845 111 or visit

Flights on other airlines, such as BA and BMI to Terminal 1 and easyJet to Terminal 3, are not affected.