Bargain of the week: fragments of France

Here's a first for a no-frills airline. Thomsonfly is offering the chance to connect at Orly airport in Paris with its partner airline, Corsair, which flies to several of France's overseas départements. The fares quoted are Guadeloupe (above) for £348, Martinique for £347 and Réunion for £413 - excluding flights to Paris.

Warning of the week: yuletide South Africa

"Armed robberies of cash-in-transit vehicles and personnel peak in South Africa during December and January due to the increase in cash flow from commercial stores to banks," reports the US State Department. "Individuals should raise their level of situational awareness while in the vicinity of cash-in-transit vehicles and personnel, and avoid areas where they are located to the maximum extent possible. The violence associated with these attacks makes prudence the best policy."

Bargain of the week: pay your way

Reports of the demise of the working holiday are premature, according to the latest editions of Summer Jobs in Britain and Summer Jobs Abroad (Vacation Work, each £10.99). Casual workers confined to the UK can pick fruit in Herefordshire, serve as guides at the Archaeolink Prehistory Park in Aberdeenshire, or work in catering at Land's End.

In Europe, hotels in Amsterdam need chambermaids, and tour operators are selecting summer staff for work at Mediterranean resorts.

Thanks to the growing popularity of football in America, qualified coaches can teach "soccer" at summer camps across the US.