Something to Declare: Free rail travel in Scotland; Crime in Mexico; Next summer's flights

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Bargain of the week: free rail travel in Scotland

I don't know who's behind this deal, but it looks almost too good to be true. Within the next week, anyone booked on Ryanair's Prestwick-Brussels route is entitled to free rail travel from or to anywhere in Scotland. From the Scottish end, turn up at any staffed ScotRail station and ask for an "Airtrain voucher". You present this, together with a Ryanair itinerary showing a Prestwick-Brussels flight for that day, to the conductor on the train.

When flying from Brussels, you just ask at the information desk upon arrival at Prestwick airport for a voucher, and show it plus your flight itinerary on the train.

With seat sales cutting fares to as little as £20 return, including taxes, some travellers have identified this as a good way to travel cheaply within Scotland without going anywhere near Belgium; the normal one-way fare from Aberdeen to Ayr, close to Prestwick airport, is £42.50.

Warning of the week: Mexico

"Crime in Mexico continues at high levels, and it is increasingly violent, especially in Mexico City, Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez", warns the US State Department. "Kidnapping, including the kidnapping of non-Mexicans, is increasing."

The trend is for so-called "express kidnappings", which have reportedly taken place on well-traveled highways such as the Toluca Highway leading out of Mexico City.

"These kidnappings are an attempt to get quick cash in exchange for the release of any individual, and they often appear to target not only the wealthy, but also middle-class persons."

Destination of the week: southern Europe, next summer, for £75 return

Summer 2002 flights are now available from Stansted to Malaga and Bristol to Faro for £75. Yesterday, Go (0870 60 76543, put next summer's flights on sale – with a catch.

Although you can book and pay now, and lock into a specific morning or afternoon, the exact departure time will not be known until slots are finalised early next year.

Other routes on sale from today are Bristol-Malaga and Stansted-Faro (£85 each), and Alicante from Stansted (£90) and Bristol (£95).