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Destination of the week: Tellus' orbed ground – well, Stratford-upon-Avon

William Shakespeare's resting place, in Holy Trinity Church, is one of the stops on an all-inclusive day trip (Monday to Friday only) to Stratford operated by Virgin Trains. The deal includes rail travel from many stations on the West Coast Main Line to Coventry, a direct connecting bus to Stratford, and unlimited travel aboard the Guide Friday Stratford Tour. This open-top double-decker bus allows stops at the Bard's birthplace, Anne Hathaway's Cottage and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The flat fare from London Euston, Milton Keynes Central, Manchester, Preston and Stoke-on-Trent is £20 in standard class, £40 in first. Book at least a week in advance on 08457 222 333 or at main railway stations.

Bargain of the week: tunnelling with Eurostar

The cheapest way through the Channel Tunnel is the nightclubbers' fare from London Waterloo to Paris, Brussels, Lille or even Calais. It costs £35 for a weekend quickie, going out on Saturdays after 4.30pm, returning on a departure no later than 10.30am next day. Book on 08705 186 186, or

Warning of the week: what to do in the event of an earthquake

Edited highlights of the instructions given to guests at the Hotel Vancouver:

* If you're inside your guest room or any building, stay there. Take cover under a heavy table or desk or any solid furniture that you can get under and hold on to it. Avoid areas near windows.

* If you cannot get under any protective furniture, crouch next to a wall with your head down covered by your hands. Do not go outside where you may be hit by falling debris – sidewalks next to tall buildings are particularly dangerous.

* If you're in an elevator when an earthquake happens, hit all floor buttons and get out when you can. If you cannot get out, do not panic.