Bargain of the week: hurry for a fifth off fast trains

GNER, the financially troubled train operator, has a short-term, online sale for its high-speed trains linking Yorkshire, north-east England and Scotland with each other - and with London. Book at by 6 January, and travel by 11 March, and you can get advance fares at a 20-per-cent discount. The lowest one-way fares to or from London fall to the following: Doncaster £7.50; Leeds or York £8.40; Newcastle £8.90; Edinburgh £11.10; Glasgow £11.85; and Aberdeen or Inverness £13.45, for more than 500 miles of rail travel.

Destination of the week: a charter to Canada from Heathrow

In the past couple of weeks you may have got the impression that Europe's busiest airport is full to bursting. Not quite true: at weekends, there is still some spare capacity, which is why Canadian Affair (020-7616 9184; plans transatlantic charter flights from Heathrow to Toronto next summer. Starting in May, an Air Transat Airbus will leave on Saturdays and Sundays for Canada's largest city. Fares for the first month are around £289 return. In peak season, especially August, the charter is significantly cheaper than its scheduled rivals on the same dates: £513 return, compared with £599 on BA.