South Korea's main airport has kicked off a year-round culture festival designed to showcase the best of the country to travelers.

The "Cultureport" campaign at Incheon Airport just outside Seoul started last week and is intended to provide a year-round "festival" feel for passengers passing through the hub, one of Asia's largest.

Events and performances have been scheduled on a daily basis, showcasing the skills of a wide range of performers from Korea and further afield.

Passengers will be able to see traditional Korean percussion music, b-boy dance, Latin jazz bands, fashion shows and other colourful events.

During July and August, the peak holiday seasons, visitors stopping by the performance areas in the Millennium Hall (1F) and the Departure floor (3F) will be able to catch performers from Africa Mandingo (African traditional performance) and "Tropical Summer" with Los Amigos and a capella.

Entertainment for passengers doesn't just stop at performances, however - since 2008 the airport has inaugurated several other cultural centers, including the Korean Cultural Experience where visitors can make their own traditional Hanji fans and a Korea Culture Museum which showcases Korea's ceramic work and a Buddhist temple bell.

Some other 'Cultureports' around the world
Discover a destination without leaving the airport

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam - take a stroll down Holland Boulevard and stop off at a tiny outpost of Amsterdam's famous Rijksmuseum.

Auckland Airport, New Zealand - Offers Te Manukanuka o Hoturoaa, a traditional Maori meeting place for cultural events.

Haneda Airport, Tokyo - The Edo marketplace invokes the Japanese street of old, selling traditional products, teaching travelers the art of origami paper folding and featuring kimono-wearing restaurant staff.

Toronto Pearson Airport, Canada - offers five art galleries across the airport, with exhibits provided by local organizations, galleries and museums.