Stars out in force for Las Vegas Mob Experience

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Some of the most notorious names of the criminal underworld were out in force this week for a sneak preview of Las Vegas's newest attraction, the "Mob Experience."

The Godfather star James Caan joined The Sopranos actor Frank Vincent at a sneak preview of the attraction, which officially opens to the public March 30 in the Tropicana Las Vegas hotel.

Inside, they were treated to some of the high-tech exhibits which immerse visitors in the story of Las Vegas's murky organized crime racket, including a collection billed by the owners as "the largest collection of authentic artifacts, memorabilia, photos and videos of organized crime ever assembled."

The two also play a starring role in some of the interactive elements of the show, alongside Mickey Rourke, Steve Schirripa and Tony Sirico, who narrate sections of the Mob Experience and allow guests to make their own choices which could see them "get whacked" at the end of the story.

The entire attraction is intended to showcase the rise and fall of Las Vegas's organized crime syndicates, which played a major role in shaping the city it is today before being eradicated from the casinos - it "neither glorifies nor vilifies the Mob," says the attraction's operator.

What it could do is start a tourist turf war of its own, thanks to intense competition expected with the Mob Museum (also known as the Las Vegas Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement), set to open in Las Vegas later this year.

It's an altogether different attraction, with the Mob Experience emphasizing that it's not meant to be a museum - but both are set to provide an excellent day out for anyone who's ever wanted to know what was really under the neon facade of America's playground.