Swine flu? Better safe than sorry

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As concern over swine flu soars, the Association of British Insurers has released a statement to reassure holidaymakers.

"Swine flu is treated no differently from any other illness by travel insurers," said the ABI, so holidaymakers can expect travel insurance policies to pay out if they contract swine flu on holiday this summer. Anyone diagnosed with the flu before setting off will also be covered for the costs of cancelling and rescheduling their holiday. This will require written confirmation of diagnosis from a doctor but the ABI has explained that it expects insurers to be flexible about the time frame within which policyholders must obtain this certificate. Anyone travelling in Europe must carry their EHIC card to cover the cost of basic treatment. Outside the EU, travellers without cover may face medical bills of cosmic proportions and taking out insurance should take priority as soon as a holiday is booked.