Taiwanese transport authorities are planning to rename a metro line plagued by mechanical problems over concerns that its name is unlucky, officials said Friday.

The "Zha-Hu" line, named after the Muzha and Neihu districts in Taipei city which it connects, has experienced repeated malfunctions since it was inaugurated three months ago.

"We are planning to rename the line as some city councillors have expressed concerns that 'Zha-Hu' sounds bad and unlucky," said an official at the Department of Rapid Transit Systems.

"Zha" is the homophone for "scam" in Mandarin while "Hu" sounds the same as "bluff."

The department has picked a new name, "Wen-Hu", which sounds more lucky and elegant, the official said.

The change, which will cost more than one million Taiwan dollars (about 31,000 dollars) in new signs and maps, is pending final approval by the Taipei city government, she said.