The 10 Best beach essentials

Everything you need beside the seaside

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1. John Lewis Beach Huts towel


Generous and featuring maritime stripes and a fun, coastal design – just what you need to get you in the mood for a day at the beach.

2. Y-Ply neck


Reading a bulky book on the beach all day is hard, so get one of these clever neck rests-cum-seats and say goodbye to pain.

3. Big Jambox


If you have a spare bob or two and a wide expanse of beach where there is no-one to annoy, this portable speaker has astounding sound quality.

4. Gelert Newton padded lounger chair


Easy to carry and ultra-comfortable and if you're not keen on the design, Gelert has plenty of alternatives.

5. Sony Reader


This is thinner than rivals and boasts a responsive touch screen. It's also the world's first eReader that allows you to borrow eBooks wirelessly from public libraries.

6. Caribee Nice '*' Cool backpack with cooler


Coolbags tend to be bulky and difficult to carry. These have a built-in coolbox to keep your water and sandwiches cool.

7. Early Learning Centre clear bucket set


There is perhaps no better or simpler beach day pleasure than building sandcastles. This comes with sea moulds and tools.

8. Cath Kidston Spot Open tote bag


Durable, roomy and on sale. The wipe-clean oilcloth means a few splashes of sea water won't spoil it. Stylish too.

9. Kathmandu picnic rug


This has a fleece face with water-resistant backing and rolls up into a compact carry bag. All you need now is sun, sea and sand – oh and some ham sandwiches.

10. GLTC UV folding umbrella


This protects little ones from harmful UV rays, is easy to transport and only measures 75cm when fully collapsed.