Here's all you need to make sure your day by the sea is stylish and problem free... just make sure to bring them home with you

{1} BeachBuoy Kindle Case

E-book readers may be more convenient than having to select which novels you want to read on holiday, but if you’re reading it on a beach or by the pool you won’t want to risk sinking your entire library should you slip. This waterproof case should keep your Kindle safe from the sea and sand.


{2} O’Bag Beach

Big, strong and bold, these brightly coloured bags with rope handles are the perfect way to get your kit to the beach. The bags, made from eco-friendly EVA and p olyester also come with a roll-up beach mat that snugly fits between two holes cut in each side.


{3} Punch and Judy CHAIR

A trip to the beach isn’t the same without a Punch and Judy show. And watching those shows won’t be the same again with this portable fold-up director’s chair, featuring the seaside characters.


{4} Classic Penguin Deckchair

Recline in style with these hand-printed cotton deckchairs that celebrate some of the classic novels of our time and are inspired by the original covers of  vintage Penguin novels. Don’t feel obliged to read in them, though; we’re sure Pimm’s would go down just as well, especially when seated on Katherine Mansfield’s The Garden Party.


{5} Ruark Audio R1

If you are not short of readies and have a long stretch of beach to yourself, check out the R1, just about the best portable DAB/FM radio around. What Hi-Fi rates it as “best performer regardless of category”, and it comes with an iPod jack and rechargeable battery pack.


{6} Reefer Windbreak

Based in Devon, Reefer was the first company in the UK to use recycled vintage sailcloth to make windbreaks and beach accessories. The beautiful handcrafted windbreaks feature the original designs and can also be personalised to include a pocket to stash an iPod or books.


{7} Juju Maxi

From the original manufacturer of “jellies”, these eye-popping plastic sandals are a welcome throwback to the nineties. The waterproof shoes come in dozens of zingy colours, from fluorescent mint green to luminescent hot pink, and some even glow under UV light.


{8} Vincere Sand Socks

Beaches aren’t always as comfortable as we’d like. Sand can be hot and walking barefoot over pebbles can be a painful affair. Vincere sand socks are designed to solve exactly that, providing comfortable protection for your feet whether you’re a beach sports player or a casual paddler.


{9} Beach Parasol

Don’t let the hot weather go to your head and keep cool under the shade of this fold-up umbrella. The brightly coloured beach parasol, with a diameter of 1.6m, is a real bargain.


{10} Wine Glass Holders

Spilling a glass of red on a beach isn’t nearly as bad as doing it on a new carpet, but we think most people would agree that it’s still a pain. These handy hands-free wine holders can be stuck into the sand, pebbles or even a lawn, keeping your glass upright, even if you aren’t.