Roll, bowl or surf with these great toys for all the family to make a trip to the seaside an activity-packed day out

{1} Inflatable Roller Wheel

If the kids are getting on your nerves, send them on their way with this roly-poly roller wheel. Apparently, they are suitable for indoor use, but we think they’re best on a soft, sandy surface, out the way of any vases. Save your breath – an inflation pump is included.


{2} Baby Bucket Set

Make sure your baby does something constructive with their time. This bucket and spade set provides all the tools they’ll need to build a mini empire out of sand. It even comes with a rake, so they can clean up afterwards.


{3} Beach ball

Prone to burst, you wouldn’t want to spend much more than a pound on a beach ball. Luckily, Poundland is on  the case with these classic beach toy staples; we suggest stocking up on a few just in case.


{4} Gunn and Moore Moulded Cricket Set

A day at the beach is nothing without a spot of amateur cricket. This set from the GM Young Gunn range should keep the more competitive members of the family happy, while the soft ball should ensure the game doesn’t end in tears.


{5} Spleene XT 2m Trainer  Power kite

For those who like to take a peaceful day’s kite flying to the next level, this 1.5m-wide power kite should do the trick. The entry-level kite comes with dual lines, control straps, bag and an instructional DVD.


{6} Nerf Super Soaker Electrostorm Water Blaster

It may be called the “Electrostorm”, but don’t panic – no electricity is involved with the workings of this high-power water pistol. Still, it looks pretty lethal and you better watch out; it can blast water 25 feet in a continuous stream without pumping.


{7} Ultra-Star Frisbee

These 175g Frisbees are the industry standard – used by Ultimate Frisbee teams around the world. Even if you don’t fancy teaming up, the discs are great for learning tricks or even  just a chuck around. They come in a huge range of colours, including  glow-in-the-dark and some that  actually change colour in the sunlight.


{8} Body Board

Ride the waves with this beginner’s body board – a fun and easy alternative to surfing that’s suitable for all ages. The lightweight and easy-to-handle board is strong and durable and comes with an arm leash to prevent it getting washed out to sea when you inevitably go flying off it.


{9} Traditional Diamond Kite

Make your memories your kids’ memories with this retro diamond kite with a kitsch bow trail tail. Kite flying doesn’t come much more timeless than this.


{10} SKM One Gelcoat Ecologic Wood Skimboard

For those days when the surf is scarce, or if you don’t fancy your chances with a 10ft breaker, skim boards are a fun and challenging way to test your skills. The board floats on the shallow water and by chucking it down and jumping on you can skim your way along the beach. Tricks come later.