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The 10 Best bike locks

  • @SAMuston

1. Kryptonite New York Standard

£64.99, simpsoncycles.co.uk

Safety is the only consideration with this extra-chunky D-lock. You pay for that peace of mind, though: it weighs in at 1.9kg.

2. Master lock Street Fortum D Lock and Cable

£30.59, farnhamcycles.co.uk

Can't decide whether you need a D-lock or a cable? Well, you get both with this set from Master Lock. Both made from 1.3cm steel.


3. Amparo CL Frame Mount Lock

£34.99, edinburghbicycle.com

This Dutch-style lock fixes permanently to your bike frame, preventing the rear wheel from turning, providing minimal security.


4. Abus Granit X Plus 54 D Lock and Bracket

£76.49, wiggle.co.uk

Twice winner of "What Mountain Bike's" lock review, the square section locks in the D-section with a double-lock mechanism.


5. Kabrus Alarm

£28.75, amazon.co.uk

This has all your usual D-lock features – such as a double-locking system – but also benefits from having a super-loud alarm which has a built-in shock sensor.


6. Almax Immobiliser Series IV

£84.95, almax-security-chains.co.uk

You wouldn't want to carry this in your rucksack, but if you are able to keep it at work or university, it's a top-notch lock to have.


7. Knog Loop

£13.21, amazon.co.uk

This is certainly not the lock to use when leaving your fixie out in the city. But if you're making a stop-off for a drink on a country ride, this cable is more than adequate.


8. Kryptonite Anchor

£53.99, slanecycles.com

OK, so this isn't strictly a lock, but, nonetheless, if you store your bike in the shed outside or in the garden you'll want to invest in one of these.


9. Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus Folding

£84.99, tredz.co.uk

D-locks are all very well but their shape makes them cumbersome. Try one of these multi-armed 0.5cm steel folding locks instead.


10. Squire Retractable

£11.94, evanscycles.com

The advantage here is weight and size: it's light enough to stash in your jersey pocket and then whip out if you're having a quick pitstop in a café and can still see your bike.