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The 10 Best binoculars

  • @SAMuston

1 Bresser Junior Kids

£9.95, conrad-uk.com

These children's binoculars have a tempered-glass finish, so the lens won't break if they slip from little fingers, and x6 magnification.

2 Monocular Muji

£7.95, muji.eu

Muji is known for its well-designed, no-frills products. This is small and light enough to slip into your trouser pocket.


3 Bresser Condor

£141.96, microglobe.co.uk

This pair from Bresser are small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, have image-enhancing lenses and a x8 zoom.


4 Design Go Travel

£14.99, boros.co.uk

These bins are nice and compact, pretty too, with x7 magnification and a sturdy rubber outer casing in case they take a tumble.


5 Sony DEV-3

£1,449, sony.co.uk

Sony's binoculars have an inbuilt digital video camera, which records what you see, and an auto-focusing HD x10 zoom.


6 Nikon Sportstar Olympics 2012

£139.95, johnlewis.com

These x8-magnification bins are compact and lightweight. They are also water- and fog-proof.


7 Steiner Safari Ultrasharp

£149.95, johnlewis.com

These x8 Steiners have very clear optics, and high-contrast lenses, which means you get a clear image even in the most glaring light.


8 Celestron UpClose

£15.49, play.com

Celestron's medium-sized bins are an affordable starter for those just getting into bird-watching or for weekend racing enthusiasts.


9 Celestron SkyMaster 20

£117, optical-systems.co.uk

The large-aperture Celestrons have a x20-zoom special lens which maximises brightness in low-light, long-range conditions.


10 Steiner Commander XP

£489, cliftoncameras.co.uk

A pair of auto-focus binoculars made for use at sea. The manufacturers claim you can spot a water buoy at 130 metres or more.