The 10 Best budget travel buys


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1. Duct Tape


It doesn't just seal tears and cuts in your suitcase, but can also be used to waterproof things, cheaply and quickly, on the hoof.

2. Squash ball


If you've ever been backpacking you'll know that your sink or bath seldom has a plug. With a squash ball you can make an instant seal.


3. Worldwide travel adaptor


The universal travel adaptor has attachments for use in Europe, America and Asia, so that your iPod need never run out of power.


4. Life Venture Security Cable


This cable lock not only seals your case but allows you to secure it to other cases, or fasten it to a fixture, so it never goes walkies.


5. BootsTravel first aid kit


Everything you'll need for those minor holiday emergencies. It includes waterproof plasters, small bandages, scissors and ointments.


6. Snooze travel pillow


Trips on night trains or long-haul flights are a recipe for a stiff neck, so let Design Go's ergonomically designed pillow take the strain.


7. Sea to Summit Dry Lite towel


A top notch travel towel – not only soft to the touch and thirsty, but also small enough to fit into a daybag and quick drying, too.


8. Travel blue eye mask


Hotel curtains not working? Or want to get some sleep on your flight. Either way, its worth checking out this super-soft eye mask.


9. Design Go money belt


Keep your passports and tickets close with this breathable, slimline money belt that attaches around your waist underneath your clothes.


10. Kayak

Free, iPhone, Android

Punch in your starting point, travel dates and end destination and it gets you the best deal possible on your route.