The 10 Best car seats

Safe, comfy and stylish – our pick of the finest baby seats will keep your kids safe without ruining the look of your car

1. Britax KidFix

You can use this ultra-safe, lightweight car seat with or without the Isofix base, which makes it a great option for people who don't have Isofix fittings in their car or who sometimes need to transfer it to a car without them. For four to 12-year-olds, it grows with your child.

From £115, mothercare

2. Baby Graco Logico

This lightweight rearward-facing car seat, which is designed for infants in their first year, is first rate for both front and side crash protection and is easy to install, with clear instructions, warning labels and well-designed seatbelt routing. The padding offers great head and leg support, too.

£69, amazon

3. Cybex Aton 3

Created in collaboration with doctors and midwives, this boasts an eight-position height-adjustable headrest and sun and wind protection. It's also specially made with premature babies and small babies in mind, although it lasts right up until infants are 13kg.

£168, amazon

4. Silver Cross Simplicity

With research showing that huge numbers of people install car seats incorrectly, this was designed to live up to its name and be pretty much impossible to get wrong. Four years in the making, it's one of the most exciting new car seats around and is aimed at birth to 13kg.

£130, johnlewis

5. Kiddy Cruiserfix Pro

This is easy to install, as well as being extremely safe. Its padding makes it exceptionally comfortable and it has a good-quality, easy-to-clean finish, which you'll probably find a godsend since it will be with you from when your child is one to 12-years-old.

£149, amazon

6. Britax Trifix

Suitable for one to four-year-olds, this seat has clear instructions and labels, so you're unlikely to install it incorrectly. There's plenty of space without it taking up excessive room. But do check that your car has Isofix plus fittings, standard in cars made from 2011 onwards.

£159, amazon

7. Cybex Sirona

The trend for keeping children rear- facing after they reach a year old is growing because it reduces the risk of injury by 80 per cent in a head-on collision. But some kids don't like it or grow out of it. The clever 360 degree rotation system, that's suitable from 0-4 years, means you can spin it round to face either way.

£375, mamasandpapas

8. Concord Transformer XT

This high-backed booster seat, designed for four to 12 year-olds, is as good as it gets. It's easy to fit and adjust, has great head and leg support and most importantly it does well in crash tests. On the downside, the child's sideways view is limited, and it's heavy.

£155, amazon

9. Maxi Cosi Pebble

Child car seats don't get safer than this one that's aimed at infants up to around a year old, with tests showing awesome crash protection, particularly when used with the Familyfix or Isofix base. It's easy to fit and has a good-quality finish, although the cover is hand-wash only.

£95, amazon

10. Cosatto Zoomi

If you find it takes an age to persuade your kids to get in the car, this cheery back booster seat could change your life. Not only will it have youngsters racing to their seats, but it's comfy, safe and suitable for kids weighing 9-36kg.

£80, kiddicare