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The 10 Best children’s bikes


1. Ridgeback 24

£239.99, cyclesurgery.com

This mountain bike, aimed at seven to 10-year-olds, is engineered to take all the knocks. The light frame makes it easy to lift.

2. Islabikes Beinn

£249, islabikes.co.uk

The national cyclists' organisation CTC is among Islabikes' biggest fans, which says it all. These bikes are built to last.


3. Trek MT 60

£225, evanscycles.com

This bike has a durable, corrosion-resistant aluminium frame and front suspension – an excellent choice for boys aged five and over.


4. Weeride Pro Pilot

£149, elc.co.uk

No, this bike doesn't have a wheel missing – you simply attach it to your own bicycle and your child pedals behind. For ages four to nine.


5. Apollo Moonstone 20

£109.99, halfords.com

With its vibrant graphics on a white frame, this is a great all-rounder for girls aged six to nine. The front suspension fork provides comfort.


6. Puky Z2

£159.99, pukybikes.co.uk

Unlike most bike manufacturers, Puky only makes children's bikes, so it is a true expert. The Z2 has many clever child-centred features.


7. Specialised Hot Rock 24

£270, specializedconceptstore.co.uk

With 21 gears and a premium aluminium frame, this mountain bike also has special tyres for varied terrain.


8. Kettler Speedy

£35.99, kettler.co.uk

Balance bikes are all the rage – and rightly so. They're fun and enable kids to master the balance needed to ride a two-wheeler at an earlier age.


9. Raleigh MX

£95, raleigh.co.uk

The MX range is inspired by the fast and furious world of Motocross. Available in two sizes (age 3+ or 5+), it has loads of safety features.


10. Mongoose Subject

£197.99, evanscycles.comNew for 2012, this is a terrific first BMX for kids aged 13 and up. It has all the parts you'll need, including BMX-style grips and pegs for tricks.