The 10 Best lightweight luggage

Keep it light while you're on the road

1. Rimowa Salsa Air


This is an excellent and stylish model from baggage masters Rimowa. It's a capacious cabin case (35 litres) but only weighs 2.4kg. Lots of colours.

2. John Lewis Monaco black Pearl


A great balance of size and light weight (74l, 3.1kg). it has useful pockets and dividers inside, four wheels and a TSA combi lock.

3. Rimowa Classic Flight Cabin Trolley


Strong and gorgeous, this isn't as light as some here (it's 3.7kg) but it's capacious and desirable. Aluminium with leather handles.

4. Samsonite Firelite Spinner


This four-wheeled hard-sided big case is impressively light, managing 94l capacity but weighing just 2.9kg – and the cabin size weighs less than a large bottle of water. Choose a bright colour like red so you don’t spend ages at the carousel squinting at endless identical black cases.

5. Tumi Voyageur Super Leger International Carry-on


The right size for carry-on luggage (not Ryanair). A soft-sided case that weighs 2.4kg and is solidly built with leather top.

6. Knomo Serra

£239, amazon

Clever pocket with shock protection. Plus, it comes with Knomo's system to reunite you with luggage that goes astray, with a unique "if lost" ID number.

7. Carlton Titanium Expandable

£89, amazon

Lightweight maybe, but this bag is no slouch for sturdiness. Made of a nylon and polyester and has "duck feet", so won't topple over.

8. Eastpak Transfer (small)


A great budget option, made of super-light material with compression straps on the side so you can squeeze your clothes down to the bare minimum.

9. Sub Zero G Trolley Case

£45, amazon

This is really light: just 2.2kg – in fact Sub Zero claims this is the world's lightest. It's convenient and easy to manoeuvre but for all that, it's exceptional value.

10. Delsey Lite Gloss


The case that lives up to its name: the 65cm model has 87l capacity, weighs 4.1kg and is certainly glossy. Looks great in red, black or silver.