The 10 Best lightweight luggage

Keep it light while you're on the road

1. Rimowa Salsa Air, £355, Selfridges

This is an excellent and stylish model from baggage masters Rimowa. It's a capacious cabin case (35 litres) but only weighs 2.4kg. Lots of colours.



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2. John Lewis Monaco Black Pearl, £169, John Lewis

A great balance of size and light weight (74l, 3.1kg). it has useful pockets and dividers inside, four wheels and a TSA combi lock.


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3. Rimowa Classic Flight Cabin Trolley, £480, John Lewis

Strong and gorgeous, this isn't as light as some here (it's 3.7kg) but it's capacious and desirable. Aluminium with leather handles.


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4. Samsonite Firelite Spinner, £270, John Lewis

This four-wheeled hard-sided big case is impressively light, managing 94l capacity but weighing just 2.9kg – and the cabin size weighs less than a large bottle of water. Choose a bright colour like red so you don’t spend ages at the carousel squinting at endless identical black cases.


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5. Tumi Voyageur Super Leger International Carry-on, £495, Amara

The right size for carry-on luggage (not Ryanair). A soft-sided case that weighs 2.4kg and is solidly built with leather top.

Tumi Voyageur Super Leger International Carry-on.jpg

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6. Knomo Serra, £210, amazon

Clever pocket with shock protection. Plus, it comes with Knomo's system to reunite you with luggage that goes astray, with a unique "if lost" ID number.

Knomo Serra.jpg

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7. Carlton Titanium Expandable, £89, Aspen Of Hereford

Lightweight maybe, but this bag is no slouch for sturdiness. Made of a nylon and polyester and has "duck feet", so won't topple over.


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8. Eastpak Transfer (small), £85, John Lewis

A great budget option, made of super-light material with compression straps on the side so you can squeeze your clothes down to the bare minimum.


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9. Sub Zero G Trolley Case, £45, amazon

This is really light: just 2.2kg – in fact Sub Zero claims this is the world's lightest. It's convenient and easy to manoeuvre but for all that, it's exceptional value.


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10. Delsey Lite Gloss, £130, John Lewis

The case that lives up to its name: the 65cm model has 87l capacity, weighs 4.1kg and is certainly glossy. Looks great in red, black or silver.


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