The 10 Best packing tips

Take the pain out of packing with our range of suggestions on getting away in style

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1. Pack This pad


OK, nobody really needs this pad of checklists – the back of an envelope will be just as good – but if you make a list, you're far less likely to forget your pants or your passport.

2. Lidded jewellery stacker


If you're taking some finery away, a hard-sided box will keep

earring posts from getting squashed in transit and will help stop chains getting tangled.

3. Pack-Mate roll bags

£9.99 for a pack of four,

If space is a premium – and you want to put chunky items in your hold luggage – these bags will squeeze all the air out of them.

4. Burton Wheelie Gig bag


Hitting the slopes? Don't get stung on excess baggage fees as well as paying to take your snowboard – use your board bag to stuff in equipment, clothes and toiletries.

5. Longhaul Scorpius Hard Rollercase – medium


It's madness to buy a heavy-weight suitcase in this age of expensive weight restrictions. M&S does good ultra-light and long-lasting luggage.

6. Carrymyluggage

From £52 for a medium case,

Don't mind splashing the cash? This service ships bags to your destination. It costs from £52 for a medium case going to Europe.

7. Onya bag


Popping a fold-up bag in your hand luggage means that if you buy some magazines you don't have to pay for a carrier bag. Then use the shopper for shopping when you're away.

8. Ultimate Digital travel scales


If you're prone to over-packing – or stuffing your suitcase with purchases – a set of baggage scales will probably pay for themselves.

9. Ebags Packing Cubes


Be organised when you pack, when you unpack and when you repack with these lightweight, zip-up cubes. Great if you're sharing luggage with your family.

10. Dr Bronners' liquid soap

From £2.99 for 118ml,

The blurb on this liquid soap says that it has 18 uses, but even using it as soap, shampoo and shower gel means saving on heavy bottles.