The 10 Best: Thermals


1. Trespass Exempto Unisex Long Base Layer


The Exempto base is good for chaps and women. It's quick drying and breathable with an anti-bacterial finish.


2. Icebreaker Men's Real Fleece 260


By using merino wool rather than synthetic fleece, Icebreaker has created a thermal midlayer that is light, durable and odour resistant.


3. Patagonia Capilene Beanie


Designed specifically to guard against heat loss and to stay put when you're on the move, this soft jersey beanie is perfect for running, playing football or skiing.


4. Nike Running Gloves


Fancy going for a run but don't want to risk getting your fingers frostbitten? These light, snug-fitting gloves will keep your hands warm on your frosty winter runs.


5. Columbia Women's Baselayer Mid Weight


This top's impressive design features "omni-heat" reflective dots in areas that you need to keep nice and toasty.


6. Finisterre Zephyr Leggings


These leggings are ethically sourced, seriously comfortable and come in a range of different colours. Wear either under your winter outerwear or on their own.


7. The North Face Men's Tights


These men's tights feature the recently developed HyActive layering pieces. They efficiently trap warm air against your body – ideal for mountaineering or skiing.


8. Heat Holders Original


Piggies feeling a little cold as you trudge to work in the howling wind? Then give your feet the post-Christmas gift of a pair of the "ultimate thermal sock".


9. Slim Thermal Jeans


Tired of having to literally wrap yourself up against the winter cold? Well, check out these rather nifty thermal jeans, which are lined with black fleece.


10. Finisterre Zephyr Vest


This merino vest is the upper half of the Finisterre zephyr thermal leggings and is every bit as comfortable as them. The wool is a super-soft 17.5 microns.